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About Payment

1.We accept paypal payments


 2.Paying with Credit /Debit Cards

3.Wire Transfers

1. After adding your wanted goods to cart, then you can click Proceed to Checkout.
2. On the Payment Information page, select wire transfers option.
3. After reviewing your order, click Place Your Order. You have successfully placed your order, but will not start processing your order until you pay the promised amount.To complete payment of your products by Wire transfers, go to your local bank branch, or go to their website, and follow the instructions.The beneficiary details for
After successfully transferring the funds, you should follow the link to the payment details page sent to your email, fill in the details, and then click Send.You're done!For any further questions about your order payment through Wire transfer, please contact us. The customers are responsible for any local wire transfer handling fees by customary rule. Therefore, customers should confirm the specific payment amount with their local Wire transfer.